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One of the services we offer at the Law Offices of Joseph E. Seiler is legal assistance with trust administration. Generally, when a grantor sets up a trust, he or she will name either an individual or an entity as a trustee with the job managing trust property and to distributing it to the beneficiaries of the trust. The grantor will place instructions on exactly how to do this in the founding document of the trust.

While naming the beneficiary is usually easy, deciding who should serve as trustee is generally more difficult than one might expect and often balancing of the cost and benefits of each option. Having an entity serve as trustee, such as bank, generally comes with expert property management capabilities. However, the person who establishes the trust may feel more comfortable with a friend or family member serving as trustee even if they don’t have as much property management experience as a profession entity.

Meticoulous attention to detail is needed to properly manage a trust. For many trusts, the services of a trust attorney will be necessary during the course of managing the trust. According to Texas law, trustees owes the highest of fiduciary duties to the beneficiaries of the trust which they manage. As a fiduciary, a trustee must manage trust property on behalf of the beneficiary with the same care and concern that they would have for their own property. Furthermore, a trustee owes a duty of loyalty to the beneficiary and can be sued by the beneficiary if they breach that duty. Helping trustees to understand and implement their fiduciary duties is one services that we offer at the Law Offices of Joseph E. Seiler.

Many trustees seek profession legal advice when interpreting a trust document or making decisions. Most trustees utilize the services of an attorney to assist them in following tasks:

✧ Putting together a formal trust accounting for a beneficiary, the court, and Trustee's own record-keeping.

✧ Helping trustees calculate the amount of compensation to which they are entitled.

✧ Assisting trustees when there is a change in circumstances that requires the modification of a trust instrument.

✧ Protecting trustees when they are sued or threatened with a lawsuit by a trust beneficiary.

✧ Assisting trustees to determine if, when, and how a trust can be terminated.

Whether you are an experienced corporate trustee or an inexperienced individual who has just been appointed trustee, a trustee, the Law Offices of Joseph E. Seiler would be happy to sit down with you in a free consultation to determine if we can assist you in your role as trustee.

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